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Other performance recordings:
2021 ’Kunstenaar uit jouw buurt’, Matrix, Rotterdam

performances during interview by Henri Bok

2010 Apaydin Trio, Apeldoorn, NJO Zomerfestival

VPRO Live-recording

2008 Pianomarathon, De Doelen


2008 Debussy, ’Images Livre 2’, TRT

studio recording, got approved to be in the archives of broadcasting,

2006 Codarts Chamber Music Festival, Armenius Kerk, Rotterdam

live-recording, Apaydin Trio as the selected ensemble for the final concert

2000 TRT Ankara Youth Choir CD, '80. Yil Anisina’

studio recording, accompaniment

1999-2002 TRT Ankara Youth Choir, TRT

studio recordings, approved to be in the archives of broadcasting


2021 Hans Tolhuijs (Dutch) ‘Second Wave’
solo piano, world premiere

2019 Angelo Ursini (Brazilian) ‘Enclosure’, Michalis Kailis (Greek) ‘Deep Blue’, Euripides Dionysiades (Greek) ‘The Gift’, Viktor Velthuijs (Dutch) ‘Le Jardin des délices’
composed for ‘Left Hand Project’, piano+Akom ensemble, world premieres

2018 Hans Tolhuijs (Dutch) ‘Starende Gedachten'
solo piano, world premiere

2012 Robert Delanoff' (German), “MaMoSe” (Marinke, Moniek, Selen)
for Apaydin Trio,world-premiere

2011 Dorothee Eberhardts (Duitse), trio
Apaydin Trio, world-premiere

2010 Mark Anthony Tournage’ (British) 'Five Processionals'
Apaydin Trio, Dutch premiere

2007 Evrim Demirels (Turkish) ‘Saz Semaisi no: 1’
Apaydin Trio, world-premiere

2006 Ugras Durmus (Turkish) ‘3.00’
ensemble setting, world-premiere

2005 Gokce Altay (Turkish) ’ ‘Studie 0.5’
live electronics and prepared piano, world-premiere
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